Loose Tube Optical Fiber Cable

Product ID: BJF-SM

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WLC's loose tube cable consists of acrylate coated fibers placed loosely in a gel-filled thermoplastic tube 12 fibers are respectively colored. Required number of loose tube and fibers are stranded around a metallic center member, followed by water blocking filling and aramid yarn for flame-retardant cable only.) Then a black polyethylene inner sheath is applied. A water blocking tape shell is applied over the polyethylene inner sheath. The outer jacket is LAP or LSP, or FR-LAP. The application is good at urban junction & long-haul communication. Please call for further details.
Fiber count 12, 24, 36, 48, 72 96
Cable outside diameter (approx.) mm LAP, LSP 17 / FR-LAP 16 LAP, LSP 20.5 / FR-LAP 18
Cable weight (approx.) kg/km: 220 260
Max. attenuation dB/km 0.4, 0.5 0.4,0.5
Max. dispersion (at 1310nm+(-)20nm) ps/km-nm 2.85 2.85
Cutoff wavelength nm 1100-1330 1100-1330
Mode field diameter (1300nm) (8.5-9.5) +(-) 5% (8.5-9.5) +(-) 5%
Operating wavelength nm 1310, 1550 1310, 1550
Max. tensile load kgf 273 273
Min. bend radius 340/320 410/360
  • Suitable for urban & long-haul communication
  • Please call for details

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