Pentens Co., Ltd.
PENTENS are high performance torch applied waterproofing paint made out of moisture-cured silicon rubber (RTV-1). Their well-proven compounds make of them stand out amongst other waterproofing products because:
High softening point (max. 300 Celsius).
Constant flexibility and plastic behavior from low temperatures (-40 Celsius ~ 300 Celsius).
Excellent resistance to U.V. rays.
Compatibility with any other waterproofing products including PU, bitumen based, steel, aluminum products.
Non-toxic, non-flammable.
One-component type, cold apply, easy-to-use.
Good physical strength.
Can be used on the wet surface.

Company Profile

  • Established in
  • Capital
    USD 180,000
  • Annual Sales:
    USD 500,000
  • No. of Employee
  • Business types
    • OEM Manufacturer
    • Exporter/Agent
  • Markets
      World Wide