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RJ45 Connector

RJ45 Connector

Product ID: J1AT11ZCC2

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The RJ45 Connector is commonly used for telephone only applications and network cabling. It is surely a practical solution for customers, for it fulfills all the needs. The RoHS compliant device is module with 10/100/1000 BASE-T MAGNETICS; Both DIP and SMD type are available. It has various kinds including single port, double ports, multiple ports and 2* X ports.

If you want your connectors with customer design, it is surely welcome. This product is suitable for CAT 5 & 6 Fast Ethernet Cable or better UTP. Also, the item is highly applied on Ethernet Switches, Hub, Router, etc. Cetus has been developing quality products for years. With experience and professional technique, the supplier is confident in manufacturing high quality products which can fulfill customer’s needs. To know more about our RJ45 Connectors in detail, please feel free to send your inquiry. We are willing to help you with our best service!

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