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Audio Cable-RCA Plug to RCA Plug Cable

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Audio Cable

Product ID: RCA Plug to RCA Plug Cable

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RCA Plug to RCA Plug Cable (CB-4001/ CB-4002/ CB-4005/ CB-4006/ CB-4010G/ CB-4014/ CB-4016G/ CB-4017/ CB-4018G)

Audio Cable is designed to connect portable audio devices through RCA jacks. It is compatible with most standard and high-definition components such as CD players, stereos, speakers, PC/TV tuners, LCD flat-panel TVs, Blu-ray disc, DVD players, high-definition gaming systems, satellite/cable boxes, A/V receivers and more other devices. With RCA jacks, it easily sends digital surround sound audio signals to provide good sound quality. The RCA to RCA cables offered by Chang Yang are a perfect solution to connect your high performance audio equipment. It provides a balanced combination between excellent performance and maximum value.

  • Cable Length: per your request
  • Connectors:
    • 1 RCA plug to 1 RCA plug (CB-4014/ CB-4016G/ CB-4018G)
    • 2 RCA plug to 2 RCA plug (CB-4001/ CB-4002/ CB-4005/ CB-4006G/ CB-4010G/ CB-4017G)
    • 2 RCA plug to 2 RCA Jack (CB-4011G)
  • Jacket color: all colors available Molding Type
  • Nickel plated or Gold plated connectors
  • Fully molded connectors provide excellent strain relief
  • Reduces signal loss and ensures maximum performance
  • Designed for: CD players, stereos, speakers, PC/TV tuners and other audio devices
  • Installs easily with color-coded, molded connector
  • RoHS
  • CE
  • FCC

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