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Display Port Cable

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Display Port Cable

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Chang Yang’s newest product: Display Port Cable

Chang Yang has been a professional on cable manufacturing since 1984, and now is launching its latest product, the Display Port Cable. This product combines advanced technology and precision design that would lead to better performance on connecting chip-to-chip.

Premium quality is the most important for Chang Yang; undoubtedly, it did its best to provide display port cable with the best quality. It also has the most powerful back-up support, which is a combination of a group of devoted R&D people and after-sale service staffs. The best quality and services made Chang Yang an outstanding supplier of display port cable and other cable products.

Display Port Cable, a thumbscrews-free connection, now is available worldwide. Micro-packet protocol based, touch-guide allowed and internal communication designed, the most intelligent Display Port Cable on the market is about to make your able work more efficient, all you have to do is simply contact with us for ordering details.

  • Transmission Frequency: 7G MHz
  • Voltage Rating: 30V
  • Temperature Rating: 80℃
  • Flame test of cable: VW-1
  • RoHS
  • CE
  • FCC

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