Lithium-ion Battery Soft Pack

Lithium-ion Battery Soft Pack

Lithium-Ion Battery Soft Pack for Bluetooth, MP3, Mobile Phone

Product ID: EDC-1

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Rechargeable lithium-ion battery soft pack for bluetooth, MP3, mobile phone with protection circuit module inside to prevent over-charge, over-discharge, and over-current.
Model Capacity Impedance Dimensions Rated Volt.
EDC-1B063751A 1000mAh 180 mOhm 6.8*37.0*51.0 3.7V
EDC-1B063751AH 1200mAh 180 mOhm 6.8*37.0*51.0 3.7V
EDC-1B103751A 1700mAh 180mOhm 10.8*37.0*51.0 3.7V
  • Active Protections:
    • Overcharge protection: 4.3V
    • Overdischarge protection: 2.3V
    • Overcurrent protection by PCM: 2A
  • Sensors
    • NTC Thermistor (10K Ohm) included
  • Cell Safety Features
    • Short circuit: no fire, no explosion, but damaged.
    • Overcharge to 4.8V: no fire, no explosion, but damaged.
  • Pin Outs
    • Red: Positive
    • Yellow: Thermal sensor (connected to ground through a 10K Ohm thermistor)
    • Black: Negative (ground)
  • Voltage
    • Rated: 3.7V
    • Operating Range: 4.2V~3.0V
  • Conventions
    • First digit after EDC indicates the number of cells in serial.
    • Second hexadecimal letter indicates options
    • represented by 4 bits weighted 8, 4, 2, 1
    • 8: if PTC presents
    • 4: if ID register presents
    • 2: if NTC thermistor presents
    • 1: if connector presents
    • So, B (1011) indicates PTC, NTC, and Connector are selected.
    • Similarly, 9 (1001) indicates PTC and Connector are selected.

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