Biometric Access Control System

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V-Key E is an advanced product. It verifies people by the size and shape of their two fingers. It is user friendly and convenient to utilize V-Key E for access control and time & attendance. In order to solve the identification problems that customers encounter Excel has developed networking program, the terminal managing software and the interface that integrates peripherals such as mini-printer, infrared, control panel and CCTV. Therefore V-Key E provides improved security, accuracy, and convenience for these three important applications: Access Control, Time & Attendance and Identification.
  • Power:
    • Input Voltage: 12-15 V DC/AC
    • Input Current: 2 A max.
  • Size:
    • Width: 162 mm
    • Height: 260 mm; 345 mm (including with optional Power Pack)
    • Depth: 167 mm
  • Display: Chinese or English
  • Verification & Identification:
    • Verification (One-on-one): Within 1 second; one PIN could be enrolled 2 templates
    • Identification (One-on-many): Design for request orders
  • Throughput: 10-15 users/minute
  • Auxiliary Outputs: 4 sets (output time programmable)
    • 2 relay outputs: Max. 60VDC, 3A
    • 2 open-collector outputs: 0-24VDC, Max. 0.1A
  • Monitoring Sensors: 4 sets
    • Door switch, tamper, and 2 auxiliary input circuits.
  • Communication:
    • RS422/RS485, RS232, up to 32 units can be networked by one COM port; external modem, and Ethernet module (optional).
  • Printing:
    • Optional mini-printer with RS232 serial port; transaction log can be printed and cut automatically.
  • PIN Input:
    • Built-in keypad, proximity card reader (optional), magnetic stripe card reader (ABA/ANSI track II)(optional).
  • PIN Length:
    • 1 to 12 digits; programmable explicit PIN length.
  • User Capacity:
    • Standard 512 users; expandable to 1,024/3,072/5,120 users (optional).
  • Transaction Buffer: 8,192 transactions
  • Request to Exit:
    • Push button required at safe side; door opened and transactions recorded without alarming.
  • User Authority Levels: 6
    • Default authority is 0 level. Supervisors could be assigned as level 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 to perform different command functions like: enrolling users, removing users, or setting time and date etc.
  • Time Zones: Totally 62; 2 fixed and 60 programmable
  • Verification Threshold:
    • User-defined, according to security and user-friendly demand.
  • Auxiliary Output Conditions:
    • Programmable As: Time zone, duress code, door switch, invalid access attempt, tamper, and auxiliary inputs.
  • Verification by the size and shape of two fingers.
  • No cards, no keys.
  • High reliability under severe ambient conditions.
  • No invasion of privacy.
  • One PIN could enroll two templates.
  • Multiple Time & Attendance modes.
  • English/Chinese display, user friendly.
  • Easy installation, wall-mount/table-set.
  • Design in modules, easy to repair.
  • Operation under stand-alone, networking, or with host PC.
  • Sample purchase.
  • Branded Product.

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