Sequential Controller

Sequential Controller

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Sequential Controller

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Sequential Controller for dust collector system uses the design of microprocessor for its control of solenoid valves. There are 2 sets of 7 segment numeric display on the controller, one set is to indicate the position of the current fabric cleaning process. The second set is to indicate how much time is left before the next cleaning process starts. The slow time and rest time of the solenoid valve could be adjusted, complete with the function to continue cleaning cycle after a power shut down. Users is able to program the controller through the circuit board itself, thus it is user-friendly and covers a wide range of applications.

Product Introduction

  • Digital Indication, user friendly and clear working condition
  • Microprocessor control for more precise working timing
  • Remote control for distant working operation.
  • Optional anti-water and anti-dust casing for longer product life-span

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