Capacitance Level Indicator

Capacitance Level Indicator

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Capacitance Level Indicator

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The level measurement of a medium in a tank, as shown to the right, is accomplished by taking advantage of the capacitance theory. The tank wall, the probe and the medium are all capacitors. A high frequency sine wave is then applied between the probe and the tank wall. The level change of the medium will consequently change the current of the applied sine wave. From the formula Z=1/(2pfc), we know that if the capacitance increases, the impedance gets smaller and the current gets bigger. If the capacitance decreases, the impedance gets bigger and the current gets smaller. When the small current change is amplified and sent to a MG series meter, the output signal is 0/4-20mA or 0-10VDC.

Product Introduction

  • Can be applied at high-temperature, acid & alkali and various style of tank or equipment, will not be affected by Steam, Sound wave, Pressure, Temperature.
  • Operating voltage: 24VDC; max. output current: 20mA, resolution: ±2%
  • Probe material includes steel, stainless steel, PVDF coated, PP coated, or PFA coated.Max. tensile strength of cable probe (??mm) can up to 5 Tons and 50M in length.
  • Sensitive range: 150pf, 500pf, 1500pf
  • Max. operating temperature: 200°C
  • Enclosure protection IP-65 or explosion-proof.

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