Three Phase 60Hz 2000KVA Amorphous Metal Core Transformer

Product ID: AMS2000AA

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1.The core was made from Amorphous material.
2.Comparing to traditional silicon steel, the loss is about 65% to 70% lower.
3.Ultra-efficient save huge of energy cost.
4.Excellent resist harmonic ability.
5.Excellent dielectric strength and Bil capacity.
6.Higher over load capacity.
7.Thermometer with Alarm contact.
KVA No Load Loss (W) Load Loss (W) Efficient (%)
2000 600 18000 99.08
2500 650 20500 99.18
3000 800 22000 99.24
4000 950 23800 99.36
  • ISO 9002 certificate.
  • Colors available in customer specifications.
  • Voltage and frequency available in customer designed.
  • Duct installation available.

Main Products

Distribution transformer pole mounted type, pad mounted type, underground type. Oil- immerse or dry type of amorphous metal core transformer