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The ATV winches are provided by Fenghua Haisen, a China based manufacturer specializing in winches.  Established in 2000, Fenghua Haisen is dedicated to providing quality winches to the customers.  With standard equipment and strict production procedure, Fenghua Haisen got the reputation with ISO, CE and RoHS certified.  The market has been expanded worldwide, including USA and Europe.  Most of the winch products are applied to boat, truck and vehicles.  And the ATV winches are one of the most best-sell products from Fenghua Haisen.  

The model HS-V3.0 is the most popular model among the other ATV winch series.  With handle-remoted and wireless-remoted control, it makes the winch easier to operate for users.  The gear train is in all-metal planetary, and the clutch is made by sliding pin.  You can use 12 V DC with 1.5hp to motorize the winch while the rated line pull is in 3000lbs. ATV Winches are useful for a number of applications. In addition to pulling your ATV out of the mud, back on the trail or over slippery rocks, winches can be used to remove fallen logs or trees that block the trail.

There are many utility uses on ATV winches as well, including pulling firewood, running fence line, and positioning equipment. We guarantee that our products are durable and quality for your use. Please contact us for further information.

Line Pull Lbs.(Kgs) Line Speed FT./min(M/min) Motor Current Pull By Layer Layer/Lbs(Kgs)
1000 (454) 7.5 (2.3) 40 2/2585 (1175)
2000 (907) 5.9 (1.8) 85 3/2230 (1014)
3000 (1360) 3.3 (1.0) 130 4/1920 (873)
  • Rated Line Pull: 3000lbs (1360kgs)
  • Motor: 12V DC 1.5hp permanent magnet, Sealed
  • Control: Handle remote and wireless remote
  • Gear Train: All-metal planetary
  • Gear Ratio: 153:1
  • Clutch (free spooling): Sliding pin 
  • Brake: Dynamic
  • Rope: wire rope 4.76mmx13m
  • Drum Diameter/Length: 1.5'' x 2.87'' (38mm x 73mm)
  • Mounting Bolt Pattern:3.15'' x 5.12'' (80mm x 130mm)
  • Fairlead: 4-way Roller Fairlead
  • Battery Leads: 8 gauge
  • Duty Cycle: Intermittent
  • Shipping Weight: 17.6lbs (8kgs)
  • Packing Dimension:15.7" L x 13" D x 5.9 H (400mm x 330mm x 150mm)

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