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  • HK-DS868 Door / window Sensor
    • HK-DS868 is a battery operated door / window sensor exclusively designed for HomeKeeper system.
    • This sensor can detect the open / close status of the door / window of the property and report to the Main Controller via its built-in radio transmitter.
  • HK-RC868 Remote Control Keyfob
    • HK-RC868 is a remote control keyfob to arm and disarm the HomeKeeper system via encrypted radio frequency.
    • It utilizes advanced hopping code technology to provide billions of different combinations whose radio code will change every time when button is pressed. This security technology effectively prevents unauthorized keyfob duplicating.
  • HK-SD868 Wireless Smoke Detector
    • HK-SD868 is a battery operated smoke detector with built-in RF transmitter purposely developed for HomeKeeper. It will transmit the radio signal to the Main Controller when it detects smoke in its range.
  • HK-MH868 Medical Help Activator
    • HK-MH868 is a wrist-band medical help activator with built-in RF transmitter. It will transmit the radio signal to the Main Controller when someone press the emergency button.
  • HK-ES868 Wireless External Siren
    • HK-ES868 is a wireless external siren with built-in receiver which can be activated by radio signal from HomeKeeper Main Controller.
    • This external siren can produce high-frequency, piercing sound to deter the intruder when HomeKeeper system reports the alarm condition.
  • HK-SR868 Radio Signal Repeater
    • HK-SR868 is a 868 MHz radio signal repeater which can be used to relay the RF communication signal between system device and Main Controller.
    • This device can be used to extend the communication range for HomeKeeper system, if the radio signal of the device cannot reach the Main Controller.
  • HK-RS232 Interface Module
    • HK-RS232 is a RS-232 interface module specially designed for HomeKeeper system to communicate with personal computer.
  • HK-BF450 Ethernet Interface Module
    • HK-BF450 is an Ethernet interface module specially designed for HomeKeeper system to hook up LAN (Local Area Network).
  • HK-GSM30 GSM Communication Module
    • HK-GSM30 is a GSM communication module for HomeKeeper to connect with GSM network. This device is actually a working GSM mobile phone after insert a valid SIM card.

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