Guestroom HVAC Energy Management System

Product ID: HEM-2

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HEM-2 is an occupancy-oriented HVAC energy management system specially designed for lodging industry. By utilizing an advanced occupancy sensing technology, this system offers automatic control of the guestroom HVAC operation according to the occupancy status.

A high sensitivity occupancy sensor verifies the occupancy status of the guestroom. Once the guestroom is physically occupied, the HEM-2 system gives the HVAC control to the hotel guest. After the room is vacant, the system will control the HVAC operation as set.

The HEM-2 system is a cost effective solution for hoteliers to reduce their energy cost, without compromising in guest comfort.

  • Resort / Hotel / Motel Guestrooms.
  • School / College Dormitories.
  • Timeshare Vacation Units.
  • Military Lodging Facility.
  • Commercial Offices.
  • Conference Rooms.
  • High sensitivity occupancy detection.
  • Fail-safe system operation protection.
  • Programmable high-low setbacks.
  • Optional door switch connectivity.
  • Disabled system test LED indication.
  • Programmable HVAC ON delay time.
  • Programmable HVAC OFF delay time.
  • Available with fancoil or PTAC unit.
  • Suitable for single/studio room units.

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