Low Power Passive Infrared Detector

Product ID: IR-550LP

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IR-550LP is a low power passive infrared motion detector designed
for OEM wireless alarm system developers.

This detector offers sufficient space and excellent felxibility for OEM design engineer to integrate with radio communication and other parts, thus to create an exclusive PIR motion detector.
Excellent RFI and EMI immunity plus noise reduce circuit contribute highly reliable detection. A ceiling /wall mounting bracket is provided for easy installation and adjustment.
Infrared sensor Dual element pyroelectric sensor
Operation voltage 3.0 VDC
Current drain Less than 10 uA
Detection range 110 ºwide, 15 m long
Sensor output Open collector
Pet immunity Up to 18 kgs or 60 cm tall. optional
RFI immunity 20 V/m average (10 ~ 1,000 MHz)
Mounting height 1.8 ~ 3.6 m
Detectable speed 0.15~3 m/sec.
Detection zones 48 zones
Humidity 95% RH maximum
Temperature -20ºC~50ºC (-4ºF~122ºF)
Dimensions 112 x 66 x 45 mm
  • Dual element pyroelectric sensor
  • Super low power consumption
  • Superior RFI/EMI immunity design
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Sufficient space for OEM integration
  • Noise reduction circuitry
  • White light filter fresnel lens
  • Look-down detection capability
  • Ceiling/wall mounting bracket (optional)
  • Pet immune detection (optional)

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