Electronics Switches

Electronics Switches

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Electronics Switches

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Electronic Switches

Ningbo Jietong Electronic Co., Ltd is an experienced Electronic Switches manufacturer dedicated itself professionally in producing categories of Electronic Switches, inclining to play a bigger role in international markets and provide customers high-value Electronic Switches that are all approved of international certifications.

Jietong presents worldwide customers functional and useful Electronic Switches including: electronic switches, rocker switches, toggle switches, automotive switches, slide switches and push button switches. According to its marketing policy, Jietong exports its products toward various foreign countries such US., and it continuously innovates itself to develop the Electronic Switches to apply to lots of industrial uses like auto parts, transportation, electronic equipments, house ware etc. Jietong is willingly to meet every customer's request for serving the high-quality & fair-price switches than other suppliers.

Specification :

  • rating: 15A, 125VAC / 10A, 250VAC

  • contact R: 35m max

  • insulation R: 500VDC 100Mmin

  • dielectric strength: 1 Minute 1500VAC

  • operating temperature: -25C~+85C

  • electrical life: 10,000 Cycles

Global customers can contact Jietong by phone/fax/e-mail, and Jietong is honored to serve for you with the best Electronic Switches. It will provide negotiable amount of minimum order, on-time delivery (by Air / by Sea), and customized order. Jietong will be your best partner in this Electronic Switches manufacturing field.

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