Rocker Switches

Rocker Switches

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Rocker Switches

Product ID: IRS-1E-2C

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Rocker Switches

Ninbo Jie Tong Electronic Co., Ltd. is a professional Rocker Switches manufacturer. We pass and earn international approvals from countries and countries all over the world such as UL for United States, TUV in Germany and CQC for China for all Rocker Switches products. Thus, our rocker switches have been provided through the whole world. Our specialized and good quality Rocker Switches products are based on our fashioned and completed produced equipments. Our main products include electronic switches, rocker switches, toggle switches, automotive switches, slide switches and push button switches

JIETONG is offering good Rocker Switches product services with qualities and very well known on Rocker Switches markets all over the world. We have good and modern facilities for products as, even better, other rocker switches providers. Therefore, JIETONG. will be a good manufacturing partner as your need.

rocker switches Specification:

  • Rating: 15A 125VAC; 10A 250VAC

  • Contact R: 35m max

  • Insulation R: 500VDC 100M min

  • Dielectric Strength: 1 Minute 1500VAC

  • Operating Temperature: -25C~+85C

  • Electrical Life: 10,000 Cycles

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  • TUV
  • CE

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Electronic Switches, Rocker Switches, Toggle Switches, Automotive Switches, Push-button Switches, Toggle Switch, Rocker Switch, Push-Button Switch, Automotive Switch, Micro Switch, Slide Switch, Rotary Switch, Circuit-Breaker Switch, Car Switch, Automotive Toggle Switch, Automotive Rocker Switch

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