Connector Housing

Connector Housing

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Connector Housing

Product ID: H6657R1 Series - Mini Fit Connection System

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The Connector Housing product is supplied by TKP, an ISO 9001:2000 Quality endorsed company and professional manufacturer provides high quality electrical components including terminal pin and header pins, etc.

It is an important parts in wiring combination. According to different occasions, each Connector Housing is specifically designed. The current range, the voltage rating and working environment are all the conditions to choose the fit the product. TKP also has the production line of the product. In case of special requirements or new design for your projects, TKP takes the order to make customized products. So you can just send us your requests of the product, we would find the best solutions for you.


For lots types of electronic POWER SUPPLY and so on.

Main Products

Connectors included Housing, Header/wafer, terminal , Computer, Note book, Power supply, Washing machine, TFT/LCD monitor

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