IDC Connector

Product ID: H825422 Series - 2.54mm Pitch

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TKP is a professional IDC connector manufacturer providing high quality components to the worldwide market.

It is usually seen in low current applications such as telecoms, networking and signal connections between parts of an electronic or computer system. The idea of IDC connector is to connect to the conductor of an insulated wire by more convenient connection process. TKP has a strict production line and R&D team for providing products with better quality. Not only for this product, but also for making each TKP product is qualified to customers.

Applications of IDC Connector:

Pre-loaded insulation displacement contacts eliminate wire stripping, crimping and hand loading contacts into housing reducing overall installed costs.

  • The Product line consists of mass-terminated insulation displacement contact (IDC) connector and mating headers and a broad line of application tooling. The connectors can be terminated to discrete wire or flat cable.

Main Products

Connectors included Housing, Header/wafer, terminal , Computer, Note book, Power supply, Washing machine, TFT/LCD monitor

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