Pin Header Connectors

Pin Header Connectors

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Pin Header Connectors

Product ID: H08J1 Series of Connector - 0.8mm Pitch Wire-to-board Insulation

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As an ISO 9001:2000 Quality endorsed Pin Header Connectors company and professional manufacturer in this specific field, TKP provides various kinds of prodcuts.

Utilizing high quality international manufacturing equipment and strict management of progressing to make sure each procedure of the pin header connectors is efficiency and high-qualified. Providing various sizes for customers to choose the exact item they need. Further, TKP R&D team is still trying hard to find better solution and improvement of the products each day. Keep developing the advanced technique to shorten the producing and get higher intensity and all other products; it is the goal of TKP.

Pin Header Connectors Applications:

Disconnectable type.

IDC style, Compact type, Low-profile type.

  • 3-point grip construction
  • Super fine wires are applicable
  • Shrouded Header
  • Twin U-slot insulation displacement section

Main Products

Connectors included Housing, Header/wafer, terminal , Computer, Note book, Power supply, Washing machine, TFT/LCD monitor

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