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Product ID: B-33/B-34

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For data communication and networking (LAN) purpose, Ethernet and Token Ring environment applications. Cat. 5 and Cat. 6 levels. There are many alternatives to install an Ethernet cabling system, but sometimes it is a headache to choose consistent equipments for your installed cabling system. The following selection chart provides users with basic information of interconnectivity between different Ethernet equipments in different cabling environment.
Ethernet equipments / transmission media UTP (unshielded twisted pair) STP-IBM data cable (shielded twisted pair)
Ethernet thin (802.3 10 Base 2) Balun: B-3203SM use with multiport repeater; distance: 80 meter Balun: B-3201S use with multiport repeater; distance: 160 meter
Ethernet twist-UTP (802.3 10 Base T) Not required Balun: B-31, B-31DB9; B-32, B-32DB9; distance: 200 meter
Ethernet twist-STP (802.3 10 Base T) UTP module: B-33, B-34; distance: 100 meter Not required
  • B-33: UTP module DB9 male connector to RJ45 jack
  • B-34: UTP module DB9 male connector to RJ11 jack

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