Product ID: WDH-228D/WDH-229H

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Model No. WDH-228D WDH-229H
Voltage/Frequency 220V-240V/50Hz, 115V/60Hz 220V-240V/50Hz, 115V/60Hz
Power Input 210W 210W
Coolant R-134a R-134a
Moisture Removal 20(L/D)(30 deg C 80%RH) 20(L/D)(30 deg C 80%RH)
Water Tank Capacity 2.2 Liters 2.2 Liters
Compressor Rotary Rotary
Dimension(W)x(H)x(D) 28x50x26 cm 28x50x26 cm
Weight 8 kgs 8 kgs
Power Controls Micro Computer Humidity Controller
Running Temperature 5 deg C~35 deg C 5 deg C~35 deg C
Loading Quantity/20 Ft. Container 560 Units 560 Units
Loading Quantity/40 Ft. Container 1,120 Units 1,120 Units
  • Higher efficiency rotary compressor
  • R-134a CFC-Free refrigerant
  • Full water tank waring signal
  • Water extration: 12 L/Day(26 Pints)
  • Upward air outlet for drying clothes
  • Light-weight and convenient
  • Micro computer humidity-controlled display(For WDH-228D)
  • Continuous drainage
  • Recyclable materials for environmental conservation

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