LCD Control/Driver IC

Product ID: PT16511

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The PT16511 is 1/4 duty general-purpose LCD driver that can be used for frequency display in electronic tuners under the control of a microcontroller. The PT16511 can drive an LCD with up to 140 segments directly. The PT16511 can also control up to 4 general-purpose output ports.
• Up to 140 segments for 1/4 duty drive can be displayed• Serial interface for clock, Data Input, Strobe pins• Serial data control of the power-saving mode based backup function and all the segments forced off function• Serial data control of switching between the segment output port and the general-purpose output port functions• Serial data control of frame frequency for common and segment output waveforms• High generality, since display data is displayed directly without decoder intervention• The INHB pin can force the display to the off

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