4-Channel 100mA LED Driver with DC-DC Controller

Product ID: PT16972

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PT16972 is a 4-Channel constant current LED driver with current-mode switching DC-DC controller. The output current range can be externally programmed for 10mA~100mA per channel. Also, the output voltage can be up to 36V. The PT16972 supports the boost, coupled-inductor boost-buck or SEPIC topologies and operates in an adjustable switching frequency between 200kHz and 2.1MHz. High PWM dimming ratio 2500:1 can be achieved by internal fast response time 2μS with 200Hz PWM dimming frequency.

The PT16972 allows to detect and manage the open and shorted LED faults and to let unused channel floating. Also, the device includes output over-voltage protection, thermal shutdown protection and internal power MOSFET over-current protection. Two fault indication pins are provided to separate the failure mode.
• 6V~36V Input Voltage• Output Voltage Up to 36V• Output Current Range 10mA~100mA/CH• ±1% LED Current Matching at 20mA or Higher• Programmable Frequency 200KHz~2.1MHz• 2uS Minimum PWM Dimming on Time• Support Boost, Coupled-Inductor Boost-Buck or SEPIC Topologies• Selectable Output Channels• Low Standby Current• Adjustable Internal MOSFET Current Limitation and Soft-Start• LED Open / Short Protection• Output Over-Voltage Protection• Thermal Shutdown Protection at 150℃• Two Fault Indication Pins• TSSOP24 (173mil) with Exposed PAD Package

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