PWM Constant-Current Stepping Motor Driver

Product ID: PT2463

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The PT2463 is a motor driver designed for 2 phase stepping motor, it implement PWM to regulate output current. The driver stage is consists by dual MOSFET H-bridge. Fabricated by advanced BCD process to improve performance and reduce power losses. The driver support up to 40V supply voltage and maximum driving current up to 1.8A.

The on-chip voltage regulator allows only powered from a single power supply, VM, it highly reduce external components and saving the PCB size.

  • Low RDS(on) BCD process
  • PWM constant-current drive
  • Provides phase inputs to allow full step and half step excitation
  • High voltage and current: 40V/1.8A
  • Thermal shutdown (TSD), over-current shutdown (ISD), power-on reset (POR) and under voltage lock out (UVLO) helps to secure operates status.
  • HTSSOP 28-Pin package with thermal pad

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