Dolby Digital Decoder IC-

Product ID: PT8501

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The PT8501 is a complete low-cost decoder for use in the decompression of higher-performance multi-channel digital audio, such as Dolby Digital (also called AC3). The PT8501 provides a complete and flexible solution for multi-channel audio decoding in laser-disc players, DVD movie players, stereo receivers, out-board decoders, HDTV sets, head-end decoders, set-top boxes, and similar products.
PT8501 contains on-chip firmware for decoding and processing DOLBY DIGITAL (AC-3), linear PCM data. It also includes a Dolby Pro Logic decoder for decoding matrix surround encoded PCM data or 2-ch Dolby digital data. With a built-in S/PDIF receiver, no external S/PDIF receiver is necessary in order to receive digital bitstreams.
  • Dolby Digital (5.1-channel) decoder up to 448Kbps.
  • Dolby Surround Pro Logic decoder
  • Built-in S/PDIF receiver and automatic bitstream detection
  • Built-in large output buffers for both surround and center channels delay
  • Pink Noise Generator built-in for easy set up of surround system
  • I2C control interface

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