Ballast Driver

Ballast Driver

Ballast Driver

Product ID: PT5615 (Control IC)

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The PT5615 ballast driver is a LED driver & electronic control IC, with the 650V half-bridge driver and full protections, designed to drive all types of fluorescent lamps. The features such as programmable preheat time and frequency, programmable and precise run frequency, self-adapting ignition time regulator, and auto-restart for lamp replacement, providing a high degree of flexibility for the ballast driver design engineers.

The protection features include the filaments detection, ignition failure and end-of-life protection for lamp and the over-current protection for half bridge. It is easy to provide a protection for multi-lamp application. The PT5615 ballast driver is available in both DIP16 and SOP16 packages. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

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  • 650V Half-Bridge Driver
  • Programmable and Precise Oscillator
  • Programmable Preheat Time and Frequency
  • Sweeping-Frequency Ignition
  • Fixed Dead Time
  • Self-adapting Ignition Time Regulator
  • Ignition Failure Protection
  • End-Of-Life Protection
  • Programmable Half-Bridge Over-Current Protection
  • Low side and High side Filaments Detection
  • Auto-Restart for Lamp Replacement
  • Support Multi-Lamp Design

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