Proportional Valve

Product ID: VS-LM

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PV solenoid proportional valve for sphygmomanometer.
  • Proportional valve solenoid for sphygmomanometer.
  • Test position: Horizontal.
  • Rated voltage: 0 to 3VDC / 6VDC.
  • Rated current: 100mA RE.
  • DC resistance: 30ohms / 57ohms (at 25°C) ±10%.
  • Rated power consumption 0.330w.
  • Use pressure: 300mm Hg maximum.
  • Use temperature: 0 to 45°C.
  • Insulation grade: A - class.
  • Use fluid: Air.
  • Release speed: 3mm hg 5mm hg/second (at 100ml tank from 230mm hg to 30mm hg).
  • Leakage:
    • 2.2VDC supply to solenoid with 100ml tank, pressure is 200mm hg.
    • 3.0VDC supply to solenoid with 100ml tank, pressure is 300mm.
    • Pressure reduction above shall be low than 4mm Hg/minimum.
    • Exhaust speed: Pressure reduced to 15mm hg is 3 seconds maximum at 100ml tank with 260mm hg pressure.

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