Luggage Guard (L.G.)

Product ID: YS-079

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It contains a sender and a receiver, bound the sender with your valuables and it will send out signal to the receiver continuously.If the sender went out of the range(can be adjusted) the receiver beeps once it can’t receive signal.
  • Preventing luggage guard from getting lost by giving a warning sound.
  • Effective distance can be adjusted by oneself (2-10 meters) (6-30 feet).
  • Transmitter can be attached to any Luggages without damaging or changing the appearance.
  • Device has an independent Auto digit-lock system with over 16 million passwords and fail-safe integrated circuit design.
  • Product uses SMT technology, the IC unit is wafer thin with reliable performance.
  • Product is protected by copyrights.
  • Battery Attached.
  • CE

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