Electronic Whistle

Product ID: HP-788

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  • Length: 103cm, Diameter: Dia.1.8cm
  • Weight: 39g (Batteries excluded)
  • Material: Metal Housing
  • Batteries: LR44or AG13 1.5VDC x 4pcs
  • Sound: 125 dB +/- 3 (under 10cm distance)
  • Hygienic
    • Avoid saliva contact since there's no need to blow it
  • Easy to operate by hand!
    • Emit sound continuously as long as you press the button. (no need to blow the whistle anymore)
  • Really loud
    • Emit sound up to 120-130dB with a press
  • Great for all sporting events.
    • soccer game, football, basletball game..etc. coaching, Training.
  • multifunction
    • Use as a locator in emergency situations or a safety alarm for crime prevention.
  • wide range usage
    • Suitable for: Police, Lifeguards, Teachers, Referee, Umpires, Tour Guides, Sport Trainers, Cheerleaders, Traffic Guides, Police, Military training, Dog Handlers, and so on.
  • CE

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