Endless Electricity System Motor

Endless Electricity System Motor

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Hub Motor (Endless Electricity System Motor)

Product ID: YMB2012

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  • 36V 500W hub motor
    • we could change the watt of our motor to meet your requirement
  • 45V 15A
    • generating 45V 15A electricity at any time as long as you are riding(driving) your EV
  • whole set
    • 32 bit controller, throttle, brake lever, we have everything you needed
  • A combination of motor and dynamo
    • our Endless Electricity Systme Motor(E.E.S.M.) is able to “consume and generate electricity at the same time”.
  • No contact between the stator and rotor
    • use unique magnetic field to make the rotor spin, just like a maglev train.In this way, there is almost no friction and hardly any waste in the usage of energy.
  • highly extend the range per charge provide
  • wide application
    • In the future, we plan to bring out motor with higher watts for E-scooter, E-car.etc. In fact, almost everything that uses a motor can find ways to apply our motor. E.E.S.M. is a product built to solve the energy crisis. Hopefully we are able to have it applied to wind power in the very near future.

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