China Grooved Blind Rivets

China Grooved Blind Rivets

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China Grooved Blind Rivets

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Anshida is a grooved blind rivets manufacturer and grooved blind rivets supplier in China.

1.Grooved Blind Rivets Domed Head Stainless Steel A2 [AISI 304]
2.Grooved Blind Rivets Domed Head Aluminium
3.Grooved Blind Rivets Domed Head Steel zinc plated

Product Feature:
For riveting in blind/pocket holes,for soft metallic and nonmetallic materials (e.g. wood, plastic etc.), strong connection.

Product Application:
• furniture industry
• completion of the interior (panelling)
• wood and plastic working industry
• car body production
and many othersr

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blind rivets, aluminium rivets, aluminum rivets, br steel rivets, rivet nuts, blind rivet nut

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