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Our services include: Incorporation of a Gibraltar Company, Provision of Registered Office and Secretarial Services, Maintenance of Company records in Gibraltar, Submission of annual returns and payment of annual fees, Provision of directors and nominee shareholders if required, through licensed agents, Preparation of Power of Attorney together with the statutes of the Company, all of which are duly notarised and legalised, Setting up a Trust, Provision of Trustee Services through licensed agents. We can also assist you with: A Gibraltar Company for the purchase of property, Mortgage finance for the purchase of your property, A Discretionary Trust for the confidential ownership of your assets, Registration of pleasure yachts on the British Registry and Marine insurance, A Gibraltar tax exempt or qualifying Company for trading, shipping or investment holding purposes. International services: We also offer a range of international services including: Incorporation of Companies in any Alternative jurisdiction, International investment and portfolio management in association with well known and reputable financial institutions, Establishment of international invoicing, re-invoicing companies, Confidential and tax-free re-investment in one's own jurisdiction, A Gibraltar tax exempt or qualifying Company for trading, shipping or investment holding purposes. We at Cruz & Co & The Acquarius Fiduciary Group believe that it may be in the interest of our clients for us not only to advise them as to the benefits of using Gibraltar as an offshore jurisdiction but also to consider the wider picture and investigate the advantages of alternative jurisdictions. Through our agents who are worldwide we are able to offer clients with alternative international offshore centres which may be more suitable to the clients needs or may form part of a more effective international tax structure. In particular we are pleased to be able to offer the following alternative jurisdictions (Information available on request): Bahamas, Liechtenstein, British Virgin Islands, Madeira, Cayman Islands, Malta, Guernsey, Marshall Islands, Hong Kong, Mauritius, Irish Republic Nile, Isle of Man, Panama, Jersey, Seychelles, Liberia, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Turks & Caicos. Other service: Cruz & Co & The Acquarius Fiduciary Group through our agents locally are pleased to offer the following additional services: Translation of documents in any language at competitive rates. Business office address with PO Box, together with mail-forwarding facilities. E-mail address. Personalised telephone and answering services. Fees: Incorporation of a Gibraltar company: 1. Inclusive fee for the formation of a Gibraltar Company, Stamp Duty, Registration Fees, Statutory Books, Common Seal and Registered Office: 350 pound sterling. Annual fees: 2. Inclusive fee for the provision of a Registered Office, maintaining company records, preparing and filing of annual return and provision of a Company Secretary: 350 pound sterling. Application for tax exempt status: 3. To prepare application for Tax Exempt Status, presenting necessary papers to the office of the Financial and Development Secretary: 95 pound sterling. Management and other services: 4. Provision of directors (per director): 200 pound sterling. 5. Provision of nominal shareholders: 200 pound sterling. 6. Power of attorney and statutes of the company in English, Spanish, or Portuguese, notarized and legalized with Apostille: 150 pound sterling. 7. Change of name of company: 175 pound sterling. 8. Change of directors: 50 pound sterling. 9. Increase of share capital excluding capital duty payable: 150 pound sterling. 10. Transfer of company: 250 pound sterling. 11. Opening of bank account: 100 pound sterling. 12. Minting the affixing of a seal: 25 pound sterling. 13. Mail forwarding service exclusive of postage (payable annually): 50 pound sterling. 14. Annual Exempt Tax: Government Exempt Tax payable by March in each year: 225 pound sterling. 15. Annual fees for attending to tax matters: 75 pound sterling. 16. Trust set-up cost: 350 pound sterling to 550 pound sterling (Depending on nature of trust). 17. Annual Trust Fee: 350 pound sterling to 550 pound sterling (Depending on nature of trust). 18. Notarized Certificate of Good Standing: 100 pound sterling. Information on fees for Companies in alternative jurisdictions and for fees for the other services offered are available on request. If you need any further information in relation to our fees please send us a fax or email us.

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