1/2" Dr. 24 PCS Socket Wrench Set

Product ID: 4624M

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4624M is the most traditional, practical and popular one, especially for European, Japanese cars and others. Because it has complete and diversiform sockets, wrenches and accessories.
HANS hand socket wrench provide deep, normal length, screwdriver bits sockets, complete size from 1/4"-1" DR SAE and MM, 6pt, 12pt, and accessories which are made of dura-chrome vanadium and S2 modify tool steel. We offer over 200 different socket wrench sets for your marketing demands.
  • 1/2" Dr. sockets 8-32 mm, ratchet handle with quick release 250 mm.
  • 1/2" Dr. universal joint, flex handle 380 mm.
  • 1/2" sliding T bar 300 mm, extension bar 125 mm, 250 mm.
  • Metal case: 440 x 185 x 50 mm
  • Inch size available.
  • Complete equipment's.
  • The most practical.
  • The most traditional.
  • The most popular.
  • Quality excess DIN standard.
  • Life-Time Guarantee

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