Infar Industrial Co., Ltd.
Infar was established by Mr. Ander Chen, and Mr. H.K. Li in 1978. Our product line has remained consistent since our establishment. We make Combination Wrenches, Open End Wrenches, Box End Wrenches, and related drop-forged products as specified by our customers with support from our customers and a solid presence in Taiwan's wrench market since 1978, Infar has captured almost 40% of the market share for high end wrenches exported out of Taiwan. Our sales base covers all of Taiwan's major trading partners: USA , Canada, Australia, Europe, Japan, Korea, South Africa, etc. Our monthly production totals 2,500,00 pieces. Infar's plant operations are self-integrated with equipment capabilities for Die Making, Forging, Broaching, Heat Treatment, Polishing, Plating, QC, etc. The Actual plant area covers 200,000ft^2 and is comprised of two factories 1 mile apart from each other. 240 employees work at our facility; all are dedicated to the production of high quality, tools with have made us the success we are.