Rattan Cane

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Cane is family of selected, treated (chemically), sorted, graded tropical plant made for industrial use. Barked rattan (fine polished) or natural rattan (with bark on) are repaired and selected for suitable quality.
  • #57 red Palambang rattan / sizes: 3/5m
  • #59 lunchi (kooboo) rattan cane:
    • Sizes: 4/8mm, 9/10mm, 11/12mm
    • Packing: in bent bundles of 1 picul (60kgs/133lbs) or 50kgs (110kgs), or 100lbs, annually uncovered
  • #60 tohiti rattan cane / sizes: 10/18mm, 18/24mm, 25/30mm, 30/35mm
  • Grades / qualities: most rattan cane of same species are graded by hand selection: classified by the level of perfection in appearance. Light colored, uniform, small and less knots are desirable qualities.
  • #57 red Palambang rattan: it is whole natural redish rattan, good for weaving. It has been sulphured, washed. Only three kinds is supplied. Each is a quality of their own.
    • Red pulutte: soft, high surface perfection, good red natural appearance.
    • Red/white datu: not as soft as red pulutte, good firm surface appearance.
    • White pulutee: uneven colored (dark and light color) unique natural rustic look. It has relatively stiff body.
  • #59 lunchi (kooboo) rattan cane: it is a class of processed, strong & pliable rattan, light in weight, firm in texture (inside and out). It's washed & sulphured. It has random lengths 6-22 feet. It is good for making splitted rattan products, weaving baskets & furniture.
  • #60 tohiti rattan cane: it is species of whole rattan that has no burnt marks. Its knots are small, and have uniform look. It's strong and would not crack easily when it is being bent. It's suitable for upper class furniture.

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