Rattan Peel

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It is the bark of rattan (also called rattan split, rattan skin). The rattan bark cut into strips of uniform width, 2mm up to 7mm. 2mm to 3.5mm are called chair-cane and the wider are called binding-cane.
  • Grades/qualities: special quality is naturally uniform light coloured rattan peel, selected for bark perfection appearance.
    • First quality is light coloured natural rattan peel.
    • Bleached quality is clean white (or slightly tan) uniform peel; it's light in weight (higher yield in length).
    • Second quality is uneven coloured rattan peel.
  • Chair cane:
    • These are rattan peels of sizes 1.75/2mm, 2/2.25mm, 2.75/3mm, 3/3.25mm, 3.25/3.5mm
    • Packing: chaircane can be packed into bulk bales (if unspecified) of a picul (60kgs/133lbs) bale.
    • Hanks of 1kgs, 1lb., 200 grams etc. or in hanks of 1,000 aggregated feet (100 hanks - 100,000 feet) per bale.
  • Binding cane:
    • These are rattan peels of sizes 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm
    • Packing: binding are packed into bulk bales (regularly) of a picul 50kgs or 100lbs
    • Hanks of 1kgs, 1lb. etc. or in hanks of 50,000 aggregated feet (100 hanks - 500,000 feet) per bale.
  • Remarks: edges-unshaved rattan peel is also available. Unshaved peel is produced with bigger tolerance in width. It's also called sharped edged. It is produced with less waste in raw material and less labour cost. Rattan peel can be packed in put-up coils.

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