Deluxe Brassware Co., Ltd.
Water craftsmen
That’s how we like to think of ourselves.
We apply the same attention to our products than any craftsman would to his creation. This is just the way we are. We have grown to respect our company’s principles of quality and design over the years.
Founded in 1968, Deluxe Brassware has always placed quality and design at the center co their vision. These core values have permeated all Deluxe's craftmen have never forgotten the lessons of their past. It is this combination of experience and foresight that have seen Deluxe rewarded the Certificate of Small & Medium Enterprise Innovation Research Award by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan for their faucets.
This attention to quality and design has made ISO-9002-certified Deluxe Brassware a global player in the provision of high-premium plumbing ware. With state of the art manufacturing capabilities such as sand. gravity and die casting, CNC, polishing and plating, as well as on-line water and laboratory testing, Deluxe are the OEM and ODM H20 craftsmen of choice.
Our Classic range of products is a fine example of our values.
Our stylish mixer products have been graciously designed to provide comfort and luxry to the user, as well as a totally safe environment where there are no risks of scolding. From wide angle shower heads that ensure that user is soaked from head to toe, to SPA water treatment and safe hot & cold water mixing, Classic products are suited to the discerning and demanding.
Location: Birthplace of plumbing industry - Homei Town, Changhua County, Taiwan
Workforce: 120 members
Founded as a professional manufacturer of valves and stopcock products mainly for North American market
1.Started to produce faucet and related plumbing products and obtained more than 70 patents currently.
2. Co-work with Taiwan ceramic branded corporations to enter domestic construction market and obtained reputation especial on single lever & thermostatic bathroom faucet
Adopt Galatron Cartridge to develop first single lever basin faucet in Taiwan
Rewarded “ Small & medium enterprise innovation research award ” by Ministry of Economic Affairs Taiwan – Single lever faucet
Built up Ceramic plant in Vietnam
Develop first single lever kitchen faucet integrated RO water system – C768
Develop first Thermostatic faucets for gas geyser
1. Rewarded “ Small & medium enterprise innovation research award ” by Ministry of Economic Affairs Taiwan –Thermostatic faucet
2. Rewarded ISO 9002
1. Develop first kitchen integrated electrolytic water system
2. Develop first kitchen faucet integrated hot and cold RO water system
Expanded & moved to new office & production site in Taiwan
1. Released brand new classic and thermostatic lines
2. Released automatic sensor faucet for basin and kitchen

Strength Of Deluxe Brassware

One Stop Purchase - Asia Outsourced & Integrated Ability
~ Offer Family Grouping – Basin and Kitchen Faucets, Bathroom Accessories, Showerhead and Ceramic products
New Product Development
~ Continuously R&D advances and innovation
Exclusive Design
~ Customization through joint efforts between Deluxe and YOU
Consistent & Good Quality Assurance and Delivery Promises