Wireless Mini Dehumidifier ( E - 400 )

Wireless Mini Dehumidifier ( E - 400 )

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Mini Dehumidifier - Wireless Mini Dehumidifier

Product ID: E - 400

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Specially designed for cabinet use.

Unlike traditional dehumidifier, it can be used within a cabinet.

Reusable and non-consumable.
  • The internal carbonate silicon granules (SiO2), so-called The Water Glass. Their compositions are the same as the glass. Non-toxic, no moisture created, re-usable and strong moisture absorbing ability.
  • TThe Water Glass has none of those defects of the traditional dehumidifier such as liquids generated, toxic vapors, decayed containers and leaking chemicals
  • After every recharge, it can be used for about 1~3 months in a sealed space.
  • TPackaged in box set.