Electric Yogurt Maker ( Y - 1000 - 1 )

Electric Yogurt Maker ( Y - 1000 - 1 )

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Yogurt Maker

Product ID: Y - 1000 - 1

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Milk transforms into yogurt.

Customized flavor, any flavor you like.

Make a difference to your health yourself.
  • The main purpose of eating yogurt is to let your stomach have immense amounts of lactic acid bacteria (the so-called "friendly germ". If you have many "friendly germs" in your body, the "bad germs" will not be able to affect your body easily. This is the so-called immunity.
  • When you produce yogurt with milk, the lactic acid in the yogurt will combine with the calcium in milk to form Calcium Lactate. It is a known fact that Calcium Lactate will help the body absorb three times the Calcium than normal milk.