LISA EVERFASHION CORP. was established in 1987. In the early stages, we make use of various materials like fabric, plastic, poly, glass, metals..., to have all kinds of fashionable ornaments. With client's leadings, our products are well received in the market during that time. We also had the opportunity to learn and to familiarize with mixed materials, which very much benefited in our designs when we manipulate with assorted materials. And it leads us to the state of Original designs from our OEM state.
As we continue to gain experiences, we tried different ways to develop and design our unique styles and products which created the product value for LISA EVERFASHION CORP. in the markets. With the high expectation of our clients, we have to be stricter on our quality control and services in order to satisfy all our clients. On the other hand, we persist on gathering many reliable partners to share the same value and develop an ideal market together.
For corporate, the experience and the operation strategy are very crucial. With our acute observation and persistence, all designs are base on our product concepts. We believe that our products are not just ordinary decoration or can be judged by price because we traveled and collect many ideas from several countries, cultures and backgrounds, combining with the origin desires of human, thus having our product concept "VIVA-LIFE IS FULL OF POSSIBILITY", in order to "Share and Care", hence our products are able to touch people's hearts and remind them of the beautiful life.
Our growth is obvious and we will hold fast to our mission "Caring, Dependability, Innovative, and Efficient".
Our Mission
Our main focus is "Caring, Dependability, Innovative, and Efficient".
1."Caring" in building relationship with people.
2."Dependability" in our service, products and professions.
3."Innovative" in our designs.
4."Efficient" in administrative and manufacturing lead time.
5.Accept clients' opinions and suggestions.
6.Always be responsible and positive towards clients' requests and expectations in order to fully satisfied them.
Our Goals
1.Establish a long term and harmonious relationship by caring and sharing.
2.Be sensitive to the trends and be innovative at all times.
3.Be diligent and determine to strive for good image in order to be successful small and medium enterprise in Taiwan.
Product Concept
VIVA - Life is full of possibilities
In our product concept, we bring up the creativity that people thirstily admire or seek since we all face the pressure, the anxious, the worry, the surprise, the joy... the changing of moods in our daily life, which makes us restless...
In other words we try to convey a message that creativity does not confine in the boundary of time vicissitude, the different moods of story and the routine life we carry.
By owning our products, you can easily find the expression of renewal, the creativity in living and the amazing beauty of life. Among these, you also feel the balance, the abundance of both inner and outer, the succinct style, the fashion, the passion, the pragmatic, the savor of home...
Our Factory
1.Our factory (1500 square meter) is located at Dong Guan, China.
2.Around 200 workers