Art Deco Vase

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Asian Reforge provides a large selection of houseware design products that includes art deco vase, decorative storage boxes, photo frame and etc. And art deco vase is definitely one of the must-haves to enhance your space. We would like to introduce you several advantages of the art deco vase:

First, the art deco vase is designed by a talented group of designers who make these art deco vases stunning for their eastern background with a fusion of modern ideas.
Second, the art deco vase is not costly at all. You can easily have one without spending a fortune.
Third, these are high quality art deco vase that have extended lifetime. And the look of the art deco vases is timeless. You won’t find them out of modern even after 30 years.

With all these amazing advantages we mentioned about, we are sure you couldn’t wait a minute longer, so send your inquires today!

Art deco vase’s measures 120*120*279mm

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