Digital Auto Hand Dryer

Digital Auto Hand Dryer

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Hand Dryer

Product ID: HK-2200SA (DP)

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The reason why you need a hand dryer instead of a towel: using a hand dryer is actually a lot cleaner and easier. hand dryer will not mold in humid washrooms, and a hand dryer will not be as smelly as a towel if you don’t dry it well. Additional, a hand dryer can make you feel warmer after washing through icy water.

POOKOO, a hand dryer professional, presents the most modern design of hand dryer which matches any environments. Meanwhile, the in look of hand dryer made of special material is humidity-resistant. With the most powerful advantages of POOKOO hand dryer, POOKOO hand dryer is the most popular model in the market.

This HK-2200SA (DP) series Digital Auto hand dryer is designed as an infrared sensor hand dryer with adjustable air speed and sensor range. Our Digital Auto hand dryer is also designed as modern appearance with stainless steel casting to be waterproofed. This Automatic hand dryer is produced with digital screen which can play MP3, WMV, JPG, M-JPG, MPEG1, MPEGG2, and MPEG4 files by Micro drive, MMC, SD, Smart Media, MS, and MS-Pro. Reducing sheets wasting to protect the earth starts from the easy ways, having a hand dryer is a definitely must in washrooms.

To find more other hygienic products, such as Automatic Faucet, electronic bidet, soap dispenser, urinal sanitizer, and other types of hand dryer, for your washrooms, please come to our showroom or Contact Us Today!

To learn more about our HK-2200SA (DP) hand dryer, please click the right side picture and see the specifications as below.

  • Casing: Stainless Steel
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Operation Power: 2200 W
  • LCD Monitor: 7" TFT-LCD Panel
  • Support Memory Card: Compact flash type I/II, Micro drive, MMC, SD, Smart Media, MS, MS-Pro
  • Support File Format: MP3, WMA, JPG, M-JPG, MPEG-1, MPEGII. MPEG4 (Asf, Simple Profile)
  • Drying Time: Less than 15 seconds
  • Circuit Operation: Infrared Automatic, self adjusting
  • Sensor Range: Adjustable; Standard 18cm +/- 2cm
  • Timing Protection: 2 minutes auto shut off
  • Timing Duration: 2 seconds delayed turn off after last sensor read
  • Cover Type: Stainless steel, 1.5mm thick
  • Cover Finish: Satin finished / Bright finished / Chromed
  • Operating Voltage: 230-240 Vac, 50/60Hz, 2.0-2.2 Kw (110-120Vac, 1.8-2.2Kw)
  • Warm Air Volume Output: 314.5m3/h (185CFM)
  • Warm Air Temp Output: 60 degree C at ambient T = 20C
  • Motor Type: 1/4HP, 4.2krpm, Brush Type, Dual Ball Bearings
  • Motor Thermal Protection: Auto Resetting Thermostat Tums unit off at 105 degree C (221 degree F)
  • Heater Element: 2000W @ 240 Vac/2000W @ 120Vac
  • Heater Thermal Protection: Auto Resetting Thermostat turns unit off at 87 degree C (189 degree F)
  • Thermal fuse cuts unit off at 141 degree C (286 degree F).

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