automatic faucet

automatic faucet

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automatic faucet(automatic faucet)

Product ID: H-5000E

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The infrared sensor faucet, H-5000E, is a model of hands-free faucet. The water can be controlled without touching. It can help to save water consumption and prevent containment. Our auto faucets have not only elegant designs but excellent functions for family and public using. Easy to install, self-adjusted sensor range. You can use battery or AC adapter to install.
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  • Faucet Construction:
  • Auto. Time-out:30 seconds
  • Sensor Range:Self Adapting
  • Shut-Off Delay:1 second
  • Solenoid Valve:
    • 6V DC, Normally closed
    • Wattage:.2W(idle), 3W(in use)
    • Operating Pressure: 5 psi to 125 psi
    • Flow Control:0.5~2.2GPM, Optional
  • * 1.6GPM Soft-Flow Aerator, 2.0&2.5GPM Laminar Flow
  • * 4" or 8" Center Set Cover Plate
  • * Multi-Unit Voltage Adapter (AC Model)
  • * Mixing/Check Valve(Mechanical)

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