urinal sanitizer

urinal sanitizer

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Urinal Sanitizer

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POOKOO presents multiple-advantages urinal sanitizer for households and public lavatories. The advantages of POOKOO urinal sanitizer are as below:

First, POOKOO presents you the best urinal sanitizer to keep the urinal clean and fragrant. Each POOKOO urinal sanitizer contains high concentration of deodorant, detergent and fragrant which keeps stink and germs away.

Second, patented device that guides water into the urinal sanitizer, then brings the contents out and fan-flow onto the wall of urinal sanitizer to form a membrane to avoid stain or urine attached.

Third, the high concentration detergent of POOKOO urinal sanitizer prevents attachments on the urinal’s and pipe’s wall.

Forth, our urinal sanitizer is easily to be installed and handy to be used. It, urinal sanitizer, is environment-friendly and costs effective.

Fifth, a clean, fresh, and comfortable room is able to be maintained though this patented device, urinal sanitizer.

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