Automatic faucet

Automatic faucet

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Automatic faucet

Product ID: AF-322

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As we know, automatic faucet runs water out automatically without touching the faucet. And This kind of faucet is now very common in bathrooms and washrooms for its conveniences. Not touching the faucet before washing hands is safer for users and actually lowers the risk of getting affected in public washrooms, and that's why automatic faucet becomes a tendency.

POOKOO's offering has very sensitive sensors built in, so that it operates efficiently. You won’t experience sensing difficulties that other faucets bring you. Having this intelligent automatic faucet, not only conveniences your life but also cuts your cost on water.

The automatic faucet supplied by us is designed and produced with chrome plated brass casting and the high quality and safety wire connector with waterproof. It perfectly performs in infrared sensor operated under any lights. Our automatic faucet products are manufactured as quiet operation and are easy to install and maintain. Please click the right side picture and find more detailed information about our offeriing as specifications and features below.

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  • Battery Power : size AA Alkaline battery * 4 pcs
  • Infrared sensor range adjustable : 5 cm to 20 cm auto adjustable
  • Time out setting : Upside ssnsor : 10 mintues, Downside sensor : 1 minutes
  • Operation water pressure : 10 to 100 PSI
  • Water supply connection PF 1/2
  • Mount on single-holelavatory or deck ( 25∮- 38 ∮)
  • Applicable water temperature : 4°C - 85°C
  • Include filter with clean-out trap to reduce maintenance costs
  • Stable performance, infraed sensor performs perfectlyu even in the sunlight or any light
  • Waterproof, hight quality and safety
  • Chrom plated brass casting
  • Shut-off delay time : 1 sec
  • Low battery indicator light (LED)
  • With intergal spout temperature mixer
  • Battery life : 2 years (Base on 3000 cycles per month)
  • Warrany : 1 year
  • Excellent automatic faucet

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