Fan Type Air Freshener Dispenser

Fan Type Air Freshener Dispenser

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Air Freshener

Product ID: AF-205

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Mainly used at indoor rooms, the Fan Type Air Freshener Dispenser POOKOO supplies is designed as AF-205, which sprays the fragrance to the space through capillarity function. This Air Freshener is able to be operated in 24 hours a day with cosmetic grade fragrance refill, with 70% alcohol, which has three different kinds of smells for choices. It, Fan Type Air Freshener Dispenser, needs only one D size battery. To learn more about our Air Freshener, please click the right side picture and see the specifications we provide below.

  • Dimension: H 235 x W 100 x D 90mm
  • Battery: D size x 1
  • Compatible Refill: Most Type
  • Interval: Continual
  • Plastic Material: P.P. (Polypropylene)

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