Automatic Faucet

Automatic Faucet

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Automatic Faucet

Product ID: AF302

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Automatic Faucet, AF302 is widely used in toilets and bathrooms. Our facuet offering is designed and produced with chrome plated brass casting and the high quality and safety wire connector as IP66 waterproof. The Automatic Faucet perfectly performs with infrared sensor operated under any lights. This product operates quietly and is easy to install and maintain. Please click the right side picture of Automatic Faucet and take a look for the detailed product information as specifications and features below.

  • Product description: Electronic faucet.
  • Material of casing: Chrome plated brass casting.
  • Power supply: AC110V (AF303AC), AC220V (AF303AH).
  • Power consumption: Below 3W (per flush).
  • Sensing distance: 5 ~ 20cm, adjustable (default value: 15cm).
  • Detection time: 0.5 sec.
  • Delay time: 1 sec.
  • Continuous running water time: Auto stop after 1 minute of continuous running water.
  • Flush volume (water flow): 2.2 GPM (8.3 L/min).
  • Water inlet pipe bore: PF 1/2.
  • Applicable water temperature: 4°C ~ 65°C (no icing up).
  • Applicable water pressure: 0.6 ~ 6Kgf/cm2.
  • Ceramic bore diameter: Mount on a single-hole lavatory or deck (25Ø ~ 38Ø)
  • Chrome plated brass casting.
  • Infrared sensor operated, touch free with hygienic and safety insurances.
  • Stable performance, infrared sensor performs perfectly even in the sunlight or any light.
  • Wire connector is IP66 waterproof, high quality and safety.
  • Pressure compensating for constant flow from 20 to 80 psi (2.2 gpm).
  • Solenoid valve is designed to prevent clogging. Requires little maintenance.
  • Quiet operation No water hammer. Mechanically operates over 500,000 flushes.
  • Easy to Install and Maintain.
  • Excellent automatic faucet

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