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A catalytically de-waxed lubricating oil of improved oxidation stability is produced by catalytically dewaxing and hydrotreating the dewaxed products with a hydrotreating catalyst which has been oxidatively regenerated. The use of oxidative regeration provides a hydrotreating catalyst which effectively sorbs aromatic components, especially the polycyclic aromatic liquids formed during the hydrogen activation of the dewaxing catalyst which pass out of the dewaxing reactor during the initial stages of each dewaxing cycle.
De-waxing is an important process that we use during the production of combustion chamber cooling channels. Cooling channels are milled into a copper liner of combustion chamber. These channels are then filled with a conductive wax before being nickel plated. After plating, the wax is completely removed from the channel using cleaning machines especially developed for the purpose.
The de-waxing of hydrocarbons to produce liquid products of lower point is a process of a great commercial significance. Although alternatives exist, the use of shape-selective catalysts, such as the intermediate pore size zeolite catalysts, to selectively convert those paraffins that contribute the most to high pour points has many advantages over other methods. Thus, catalytic de-waxing over shape- selective zeolites will likely be the most commercially significant de-waxing process in the hydrocarbon processing industries.
Material use is mostly steel & stainless steel.
  • Characteristic & Advantages
    • Material quality several have not any confine to, Aluminum alloy, Magnesium alloy, Titanium alloy, Copper alloy, All sort of steel products, Cobalt base and Nickel base abrasion resisting alloy, Hard material.
    • Fabrication shape is complex work piece; size precision is good, cutting elaboration is little.
    • Economizes material waste, and can high volume production.
    • Appropriates to accurate foundry which breed by not quantity, mold expense is high.
    • Foundry good surface smoothness, size precision is high, shape complex, surface has very smallconcave-convex. Can cast come out too.
    • Because cooling velocity are small, but cast come out thin wall foundry goods, is like 1.6 ~ 1.5mm.
    • Foundry adaption is small, organize with mechanical property average.
    • Cost of manufacturer is high, for sand molding foundry goods 5 ~ 10 times, from build molds dryness go to pour, need time on the 2 ~ 3th days.
    • Gypsum molds is hot conduction sex not good, foundry goods easily generate constrict defection, good article rate low.
    • Gypsum molds ventilate sex bad, pour time need to pressor or decompress.
  • Processing procedures
    • Wax Molds Design
    • Wax Molds Fabrication
    • Wax Injection
    • Combining
    • Fluid Dipping
    • De-waxing
    • Melting
    • Sintering
    • Shell Removing
    • Cutting
    • Heat Treatment
    • Polishing / Sand Blasting
  • Other services that Sheng Ching can offer:
    • Electroforming
    • Pulse Plating
    • Development Electroplating
    • Cleaning techniques
    • Ultrasound cleaning
  • PurposeDe-waxing accurate foundry goods widely is use for:
    • Athodyd
    • Heating gas turbine
    • Steam turbine
    • Airplane accessories
    • Combustion engine
    • Vehicles
    • Food machine
    • Print machine
    • Paper machine
    • Compressor
    • Valve
    • Plan measure appearance
    • Weapon
    • Affairs Machine
    • Other Machine parts

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