Tankless Hot Water Heater

Product ID: XH5

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Electric Water Heater
Tankless Water Heater
Model Voltage Current Power Water Pressure Dimensions (HxWxD) Distance Between Outlet Cable Diameter
XH5 220V 40A 8.8KW 0.39-6.37Bar 32 x 23 x 15cm 13.5cm 8.0mm²
  • Temperature excessive prevention device (thermostat).
  • Fireproof material.
  • Mineral insulated heating elements.
  • Water-flow adjustment knob.
  • Waterproof structure.
  • Accessories: Special shower head with holder hose and hook.
  • Option: Leakage circuit breaker.
  • Small and elegant appearance.
  • Two to four level temperature control.
  • Easy to control the water temperature.
  • Instant hot. Water, electricity, space and time saving.
  • High quality heating element.
  • Strong water flow with stable water temperature.

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