Horizontal Form Fill And Seal Machine

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Finbread is a horizontal form fill and seal machine that has been specially developed to pack sliced or unsliced bread in a gussetted pouch shaped packet. Packet has two end seals and a long fin-seal. Low cost wrapping material like ordinary polypropylene (PP), which is commonly used for making bags for bread, can be run on this machine.
  • Speed: 30 to 40 loaves per minute
  • Power: Heaters 1.5KW; Motor 1HP; 440V, 3 Phase, 50/60Hz
  • Product size: Upto 400gm loaves
  • All surfaces on which the product slides are made of stainless steel.
  • Long seal is made by three pairs of rollers.
  • Heavy distortion free structure.
  • Low voltage heaters for safety.
  • All turning members have grease sealed bearings.
  • Torque slip clutch prevents damage because of accidental jams.
  • Trolley wheels to provide mobility to the machine.
  • Variable speed drive (optional).
  • Automatic print registration unit (optional).
  • Other sizes can be considered on request.
  • Combination of dimensions may limit the extreme sizes.
  • Machine speed varies depending on physical characteristics and size of product and wrapping material.

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